Choice City Jazz Band

Choice City Jazz Band photoChoice City Jazz Band performs Prohibition Era speakeasy, Roaring 20s, New Orleans Dixieland, blues and traditional jazz. Enjoy exciting music from great artists like Bix Beiderbecke, Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong to contemporary artists. Great entertainment for your Mardi Gras, or Great Gatsby party. Great vocals.

Colorado Swing Cats

Colorado Swing Cats photoColorado Swing Cats is our party and dance band that features big band era swing dance music along with contemporary popular arrangements and vocals. This group offers you the option to add Roaring 20s era, Prohibition Era speakeasy, and New Orleans Jazz, if you want to have a Great Gatsby or Mardi Gras party while also including traditional dancing.

Colorado Swing Big Band

Colorado Swing Big BandColorado Swing Big Band performs an exciting variety of great music including classic Big Band Era and Las Vegas show standards as well as popular music arrangements from contemporary artists. Our full-size big band creates that exciting sound you rarely hear anymore. We can easily add a Cocktail Jazz set during your big band event.